Hermes 2015 Furnishing Fabrics & Wallpapers

Hermes 2015 Furnishing fabrics and wallpapers tell and retell stories. They are an invitation to discover a thousand tales; they invent a world in which materials and know-how go hand in hand. 

Where the eye assists the hand and the gaze guides the gesture to create illustrations, colors and prints that hold a dialogue, complement one another, match.

Inspired by the multicolour flora and fauna of the jungle, Jungle Life and Croquis de tigre open the door to an imaginary world filled with birds of changing plumage, handsome felines and lush vegetation. Robert Dallet's designs are a blend of power and diversity, a statement made gorgeous with fluid silk twill and elegant damask. The multicolor range is a play on soft semitones. Two-tone patterns reveal shadow-puppet designs with matching reds and blues or -off-shades of sandstone and grey green, sage and ash.

The wanderlust, getaway spirit continues with more graphic motifs. Zebures forms a wave, like leaves or palms rising and falling with the wind. One feels the boldness of vast open spaces. Nature in movement, alive, vibrant, with tinges of black, blue, terracotta and yellow.

With Perspective cavaliere, the invitation is to other realms, Here, exactness and precision of line evoke the composition of wood marquetry. On a smaller scale, rigour is back the assembly of H Link motifs and the geometric Chevronne design.

 Hues and materials combine to convey a colourful array of feathers and other reflections of nature. Finally, the apprehend simplicity of the Fermoir H motif reveals the elegance of any interior.

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