In Conversation With LUISA LEITAO @ Founder & Creative Director of LUISA LEITAO Eyewear

To be able to find a pair of eyewear that suit your own personality and style may not be as easy as you think. You may now end up having more than 10 pairs in your collection and yet when you you that special one for that occasion, none of what you had have fits the bill. LUSIA LEITAO, the latest edgy, stylish eyeywear produced in high quality by renown Hong Kong artist Luisa Leitao herself debuted the 2015 eyewear collection under her own name and become one of the must-have by most of her celebrities and fashionista's friends. mylifestylenews writes......

How did LUISA LEITO eyewear get started?
I've always love accessories and eyewear, as an artist, it is important to have an eye-catchy accessories to enhance your our fit and look. Beside having chunky accessories at all time when I am on air, now I would like to continue to venture into eyewear. I always have an eye for innovation with extraordinary attention to fashion accessories, my boundless love for fashion and never ending creativity gives me the motivation to start my own brand with a team of young designers.

What is the brand philosophy?
LUISA LEITAO is launched in April 2015, we are very young in the market buy yet we have done numerous R&D before we decided what, when and how we want to do it. The eyewear has to be functional and practical. I like big and dramatic eyewear, as an artist, there are times that we not not wearing any make-up yet we need to be out and about. Big eyewear is perfect for us. Most importantly, I've would like to create something that I can owned and belongs to me.

What's the design concept behind it?
Edgy and fashion forward somehow fits into our design concept. It is exactly what we like to deliver to our wearer. Stylish, modern, edgy is our main focus and brand philosophy. The sculptural design styles serves as the foundation for a unique, fresh perspective on this everyday accessory. Unyielding form is fused with sensible design principles and then focused on intricate craftsmanship and wear ability. From marvelous arm and frame silhouettes to subverted lens sizing and proportions, this collection is dynamic and audacious, and bent on breaking all the rules. We like to see our wearer to put on something that would bring out the best of their personality and confident.

What are the feature and spec?
The sunglasses are equipped with UV400 high quantity protection and crafted with innovation materials and techniques. Blended in with a range of classic, avant-garde colors, and enhanced with precious materials in exquisite detailing. Fashionista such as the DIVA, the appealing cat eye design with Swarovski crystals detailing, is the most luxurious and popular must have accessory in this Spring & Summer.

Tell us the about your debut 2015 collection?
There are 10 surprising and trendy styles with different choices of color to greet the arrival of summer. (images as below)

Do you believe in Celebrities effect?
Absolutely, thanks to all celebrities friends and other fashionista who show their greatest support by wearing LUSIA LEITO whenever they are on stage or in any public appearance. They certainly help the brand to increase enormous publicity. It is a really blessing.

Diva collection reveals the rebellious and edgy style with an appealing cat eye shape.  Decorated with Swarovski crystals at the corners of the frame, it is a bold design that each girl must have.

Iconic collection breaks the traditional design rules, where customary eyewear designs are reinterpreted and transformed into a newfound classic. The special tailoring for the side of the sunglasses is revolutionary, resulting in a creation of uniqueness.

Invisible collection merged the PVD technology and meticulous polishing with a mirror design. It presents a futuristic style and emphasizes an illusionary luster under different lights.

Posh collection interpreted the extraordinary design elements of arm and frame in sunglasses, a combination of classical luxurious and timeless fashion style.

The geometric silhouette and oversize design features a distinct style of fashion. Tortoiseshell arms are matched with a solid color frame to showcase a strong contrast to ruminate the visual impact. 

The plentiful retro touch of the round frame is cleverly fused with a unique double arms design. Adore collection is the perfect alternate to the classic charm.

Blade collection portrays the art of stainless steel, matched with a transparent plastic frame, emphasizing the beauty of contrast and evolving dynamic charm.

Romance collection features the modernized retro design of studs and scalloped edges, which are inspired by romanticism.  The lace trimmed frames are elegant, exclusive and feminine. The High Definition Acetate (HDA®) patented technology transforms textures and colors into a crisp high definition that showcases depth and patterns in a unique design.

Fly collection is a transformation of the classic aviator style into a new theme and signature. It is the perfect balance between modern and classic unisex style for those who give importance to the expression of their own personality.

The tough contour and neat lines of the exaggerated frame are complete with edgy style and coolest fashion temperament.  Chill collection is just perfect to complete your eye-catching look.

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