Berluti @ A Surrealist Game Window Displays

Berluti unveiling its new window displays to mark the arrival in-store of the AW2015 collection. A rocker, a tattooed sailor, a skater and a man in pyjamas now feature in window displays. Their appearance, the product of a synergy of imagination and chance, illustrates the Berluti gent in all his diversity and guises. They were designed by Spanish illustrator Jorge Lawerta, who is best known for his drawings of different male types. In this instance, he is echoing Exquisite Corpse, a game devised by the Surrealists in 1925, which consists in adding elements to a drawing or sentence being constructed by several people in turn, without being influenced by what has been produced by the other participants All window displays worldwide will become a stage for surreal and entertaining scenes, attuned to the spirit of the company, until mid-September. The foundations of Berluti date back to Paris in 1895 and have been built by four generations of the Berluti family, who cultivated an exceptional know-how in the mastery of last making, a deep understanding of fine footwear and a passion for leather and patina. Berluti today is more than a bootmaker, in 2005 fine leather goods were introduced and, in 2011, with the appointment of Artistic Director, Alessandro Sartori, a complete clothing collection.

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