Jurlique @ Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

The new and improved version of one of our bestselling heritage products, Herbal Recovery Gel has become one of the skincare bestsellers. The latest clinical study into this groundbreaking product has confirmed to improves skin dullness, giving you skin that looks glowing and feels re-energised. Skin dullness is caused by a variety of factors, including age, pollution, diet, stress and fatigue. It causes skin to look less radiant and more lifeless, so it’s no surprise that dull skin is now one of the top concerns of skincare customers worldwide.  In addition, 94% of people said their skin looked more glowing after 14 days, while 85% said their skin felt re-energised after the same time. Almost every factor tested in the survey showed an improvement between weeks one and two which shows that the more you use Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum, the more likely that you will see improvement. They wanted to take the most potent and effective natural ingredients from this star performer and combine it with powerful new ingredients to create a groundbreaking product that would “improve on perfect”. It was this vision that drove us to develop Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum, and the proprietary ingredient complex that holds the key to its efficacy and plant potency, Naturadiance PB18+. Exclusive to Jurlique, Naturadiance PB18+ is a botanical powerhouse that combines 15 potent ingredients grown and extracted at the Australian farm with three breakthrough ingredients native to Asia. As these latest clinical results show, Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum represents a true tipping point in natural skin care that revitalises dull skin to restore its radiant and beautiful glow. 

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