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Since its inception in 1877, Hartman historically been the brand of choice for discerning travelers who appreciate stylish design and the finest materials demands practical functionality and truly respect American heritage and craftsmanship. mylifestylenes travels with this modern and stylish Denovo Spinner suitcase around the historical part of Kuala Lumpur and an excursion to an exclusive resort in Thailand......and to make the trip comes true.

As travel has evolved over time, so have travel cases. From classic Pullmans for steamers and sturdy trunks for train cabins to the sleek carry-ons for today’s jetliners, Hartman has innovated the luxury travel experience across the decades and continue to anticipate the ongoing evolutions in travel.

Hartmanns creates a dynamic of fashion and luxury with Denovo and it dressed up in a tastefully modern polished case, perfectly framed in leather trim, and adorned with metal rivets, this versatile range bears the hallmarks of Hartmann innovation and has been updated for modern lifestyles.

In today’s world, the Hartmann principles mean more than ever. The demanding lifestyles and increased mobility of today’s affluent travelers require outstanding travel products that are authentic, practical and timeless. The constant evolution of the modern travel experience remains the brand’s inspiration and motivation to create luxury items that adapt to the highest levels of both inherent and experiential value.
Hartmann is truly an inspired luxury.

The Hartmann Denovo Spinner was produced in polycarbonate in polished metallic finish,leather trim and metal detaling. A smartpack system with garment suiter and silent Hinomoto wheels. It also comes with durable multi-stage handle system.

“Luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence”. Said the founder, Joseph S. Hartmann in 1877. The Bavarian Trunkmaker in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has  been making exquisitely crafted luggage, travel cases and fine leather goods for over 135 years. Hartmann was soon a favorite for most affluent travelers due to its quality, sturdiness and elegant designs.

Designed to accompany the traveler on every journey, Hartmann has designed Smartpack system, an innovative interior organization combines detachable Garment Suiter and Compartment divider, to keep your travel organized.

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