SHANGHAI TANG @ SS22015 Collection

SHANGHAI TANG SS22015 Men Collection combines modern style and tailoring with a retro hint from the <Nostalgic Summer>. The short sleeve shirt is transformed with a straight hem and boxy shape to create a resort style while the bomber jacket continues to be a key item with an added functional feel. Neutral tones of light grey and navy dominate with blue and soft pink highlights.

<Placid Intrusion>
 A refined style in a serene, oceanic colour palette of blues and greens create a subtle confidence for the modern men. The colours vibrate through the creative prints on T-shirts, jerseys and blousons, fashioning an enthusiasm for the summer while maintaining a sense of sophistication with a variety of textures and materials.

<Miscellaneous Flair>
Mix-and-match is elevated to perfection with one of this season’s key style through an eclectic lot of prints. The bohemian mix of native, surf patterns and summer prints on black denim suits create a youthful and fresh look. For a more vintage style, head-to-toe linen ensemble paired with easy shirt jackets gives a flare of old Hollywood. Patterns and colour-blocking reinforces the vibrant summer style for the season.

<Control & Chaos>
For the ultimate summer mood, a delightful scope of bold and tasteful prints represents the lifestyle of resort chic. Inspired by the beaches of Capri, the colour palette is a vivid mix of blue, green and tangerine while the patterns epitomise the hues of lush greenery and bright citrus.

The rich colours of precious stones are transformed into Shanghai Tang’s SS2015 womenswear collection in gushes of turquoise blue, rosy red and vermillion, creating a unique hue and pattern on clean, classic shapes. Themed <Hypnotic Minerals> with a bespoke sense of ease, the silky blouses and knee-length wrap dresses are crisp and smooth. The modern styles are accentuated with tailored leather belts and contemporary handbags.

<The Butterfly Effect>
 The diversity in colours and shapes of the butterflies create a playful and chic print for the sophisticated women. Set against a blue background, the print is brought to life on tailored dresses and pencil skirts, as well as on the renewed sweater with knitted sleeves. The elegant look is completed with the black silk purse featuring the noble white butterfly and yellow-mirrored sunglasses.

<Illustrious Femininity>
The epitome of femininity is reinterpreted with the modern flower motifs, which are screened and filtered to create a painterly texture. The vibrant patterns are combined with pure colour tone of white, black and grey, redefining modern sophistication with silhouettes of matchstick pants and geometric-tailored coats. The contrast of modern structure and traditional pattern creates a fusion of couture and contemporary wear.

<China Magnolia>
The purity and innocence of summer are signified in the magnolia floral jacquard on pastel yellow and green. As a symbol of refined style, the elegant pattern is featured on cardigans to create a sense of graceful ease.

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