BVLGARI @ “Elizabeth Taylor and BVLGARI - A Passion for Jewelry” Exhibition in Shanghai

BVLGARI celebrated the opening of “Elizabeth Taylor and BVLGARI - A Passion for Jewelry” Exhibition in Shanghai recently by presenting the marvelous private jewelry collection of legendary diva Elizabeth Taylor with an exhibition opened to public in Shanghai Plaza 66.

Elizabeth Taylor was a passionate patron of BVLGARI’s jewelry and throughout her life owned many one-of-a-kind pieces. The highlights in Elizabeth Taylor and BVLGARI Exhibition are re-acquired seven of its priceless pieces that best represent Taylor’s predilection for the brand and also her happiest time in life. The original costumes from the film Cleopatra are displayed here alongside the iconic Taylor collection of BVLGARI jewels. 

Among those collections, a set of BVLGARI emerald and diamond jewelry is the most legendary one, including: a diamond and emerald floral spray en tremblant brooch - Taylor’s first BVLGARI jewelry; an emerald and diamond ring - the first jewelry presented to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton; a magnificent over-80-carat emerald and diamond platinum necklace - the gift presented to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton on the day when they got married in 1964 and the necklace pendant was originally an emerald and diamond brooch presented to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton when they got engaged. All those rarities are exquisite and best presented Taylor’s predilection for the brand.

Elizabeth Taylor is not only the most loyal BVLGARI lover but the spiritual incarnation of the brand. In various aspects she has countless connection with BVLGARI. Taylor’s life is as bright and colorful as the jewelry of BVLGARI. She was brave, confident, pure and real; she was so charming and graceful that people would never forget. So nobody would be better than her in matching BVLGARI’s personality and style. BVLGARI always stands itself out for its unique and brave design and distinctive style in the world. For showing the real beauty of jewelry, BVLGARI never compromises and it is the “Elizabeth Taylor” in the jewelry world. From Elizabeth Taylor and BVLGARI Exhibition, the persistence to uniqueness and real self can be felt in both.

At the event, Carina Lau was adorned with stunning one-of-a-kind BVLGARI High Jewelry, highlighting her elegance and unique charisma. She said: “Elizabeth Taylor is not just a legendary actress, but a cultural phenomenon with eternal glamour. This impressive exhibition is offering a great opportunity to let us explore her passionate love story, her colorful life, her obsession with jewelry and BVLGARI through the priceless exhibits. I think Elizabeth Taylor herself is a story you can never get enough, and this is an exhibition you do not want to miss.”

The exhibition not only shows Taylor’s extraordinary taste of jewelry and lasting love for BVLGARI, but also presents her brilliant life to viewers so that people can “leap through time and space” and approach Taylor and indulge themselves in the eternal legend of beauty, jewelry, art and classics.


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