Zaxy AW2016 Collection

 Zaxy AW2016 Collection is a sweet, fun, happy and girlie Zaxy themed in all colorful and romantic components into the shoes designs, showing romantic sweetie girls just like the sexy Marilyn Monroe.

One of the Zaxy AW2016 Collection display room is the signature Marilyn Monroe theme room. Walk into the room, having the theme of Zaxy, the luscious pink tone full of the room. In addition to the Marilyn Monroe’s portrait as the decoration, it also added a lot of Zaxy elements such as pillows, carpets, wall decorations and so on. The whole room filled with Zaxy sweet fashion atmosphere.

The Zaxy AW2016 Collection are placed in different corners of the room. For the bedroom, a handsome Zaxy man is waiting for you to wear your unique fitting size of Zaxy Shoes. After the fitting, there is a Zaxy certificate with a photo witnessing the guests to find their own Zaxy shoes.

Another specialty suites is a blue and yellow tone suite, the color was a bold and imaginative which just like Zaxy style as always, free and unrestrained. Using candy colors with high saturation and interesting mixed colors into the shoes designs.

From the tone to the style, rich and varied. That makes each girl can find their unique colors. The suites also displayed the Zaxy AW2016 Collection shoes to make the whole room full of the colorful happy colors.

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