AGATHA Paris AW2016 Collection

 AGATHA PARIS AW2016 Collection drew inspiration from this concept, and brought to life its very own Autumn-Winter 16 Collection, Africa 1925. The collection features geometrical lines and bold color contrasts such as black and gold to bring out elements of luxury and

Art Decoratifs originated from the Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts Exhibition, which took place for the first time in Paris in1925. Although there was some initial resistance from the viewing public, the Art Deco trend quickly spread to America and in turn gained global popularity.

By combining elegant and colorful styles, Art Deco brings out both a traditional softness as well as strong modern emphasis. Incorporating vibrant elements, such as zebra-stripes, bold and curved lines, radial patterns, the vintage feel is seamlessly blended with modern artistic styles.

Africa has long been regarded a mysterious and exotic land. The Golden Africa Collection draws on this mystery to give a bold and energetic look. Strong contrasts between black and gold bring out an edgy and playful vibe.

Drawing inspirations from the wilderness of Africa, rigid lines are merged with geometrical motives. The simple designs shape a bold and elegant style. The colors carry different meanings in this collection: Pure black represents night sky - ivory, red and the earth-tone khaki represents the beauty of life. By combining these colors with polished brass, the Horizon Africa Collection embodies the very spirit of the savanna.

Inspired by the primitive African tribal designs, the collection features bulky earrings to represent the power of Africa, and in turn the strong and confident side of all women. Vibrant colors and brass emphasize a glamorous and exotic style. Incorporating solid colors to your ensemble brings out a strong and powerful fashion statement.

The collection incorporates colorful rhombuses and rings, adding polished brass with black, red, khaki and ivory to create an elegant color palette. Let our new Africa Collection help you stand out in winter and bring out your wild side!

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