TOD'S AW2016/17 Women Collection

  TOD'S AW2016 Women Collection is a sport and sartorial world where the white canvas on which the collection is painted. A workshop of leather and interweaving shapes Tod’s winter collection in quality and nonchalance. This interweave theme pervades bikers, trenches, blazers and dresses, through to accessories, closures and belts of exquisite leathers in plain, padded and quilted styles.

Natural and refined, the style is defined by the detailing and contrasts of exquisite saddlery. a denim dress with tartan leather stitching, an aviator textured and padded, a biker jacket and pants come to life through a geometric patchwork technique, a trench through defined interweaving. More irregular, ultra-artisanal, gipsy tartan interweaving pervades in jackets, trenches and mini kilts. The iconic geometric pattern is realised in bags and recalled once more on jacquard knits.

Tod’s winter footwear collection transforms the 30’s sporting elegance into an urban and contemporary vision, decisively feminine in its aesthetic. Accessories are adorned with graphic stitching and threading, deliberatelyi rregular, such as in exquisite saddlery craftsmanship. The high heel ankle boot flaunts a technical type of lacing: metallic hooks with coloured laces intertwined, climbing sinuously from the sole upwards. This ultra-feminine style, available in ponyskin as well as classicbrushed leathers, is spiced up with thecoloured laces, in tones of reds and purples.

The updated moccasin, tapered and definedwith the double t clamp, feels as soft as a slipper. From brushed leathers to coloured python skins, the metal buckle detail ispresent on all.

Tod’s iconic style is embellished with saddle stitches, check intertwining style stitching, tassels and chains or the double t buckle. a versatile shoe in all senses and, if worn in the traditional style yet with socks, the gommino appears even more contemporary! The iconic bag is part of the world of saddlery, handmade, modern and sophisticated. with the wave, Tod’s places leather and craftsmanship centre-stage in a vast workshop of exquisite new styles.

The wave interpretation of the iconic Tod’s geometric pattern is realised with velvet inlaid on leather. a check version, sees the bag completed by an artisanal interwoven tartan, whilst another features a deliberately irregular pattern of luxury tartan technique applied all over the leather. The buckle is a powerful signature. Preciousand feminine, Tod’s double-t bags comes in a myriad of new finishes. A saddle stitch style in padded leather, a geometric print defined silhouette in patchwork, shines whenthis pattern in realised metal studs, an eccentric with fur, evoking kilt culture, and leather tassels.

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