BVLGARI BVLGARI PICCOLA CATENE reflects in jewellery-making expertise through its intricately crafted bracelet and exudes a nonconformist contemporary attitude while remaining firmly rooted in the Maison’s heritage. It radiates an opulent yet fresh charm, tinged with a neo-retro aura. Its name is PICCOLA CATENE (‘Small Chains’) because of its articulated bracelet that flows sensually around the wrist like a second skin. PICCOLA CATENE focuses on essentials. Skilfully mingling the Roman heritage of Bulgari with the goldsmithing excellence of the Maison that enjoys a longstanding chain-making tradition, this precious watch that is also a piece of jewellery in its own right epitomises boldness. In this respect, PICCOLA CATENE remains true to the spirit driving the entire creative process of the Rome-based House: playing with impertinent means of expression and opting for the unexpected rather than submitting to conventions.

Everything about its aesthetic values conveys the originality cultivated by Bulgari and pervading all its creations. A commitment to revisiting everyday shapes and objects so as to infuse them with new momentum through an approach that diverts them from their original vocation. In the PICCOLA CATENE, the chain motif becomes the distinctive bracelet of a ladies’ watch, encircling a dainty case – measuring just 22 mm in diameter and bearing the brand’s double signature on the bezel. A model reflecting the most recent trends for watches gracing the arm of elegantly refined women and equally at home at an evening cocktail party as they are in daytime wear. Bvlgari has consistently drawn inspiration from existing elements and then reinterpreted them in talented ways based on innovative style codes making a clean break with previous approaches. PICCOLA CATENE is a perfect illustration of this jewellery inspiration reflected in a model playing the role of an elegant and glamorous accessory. A creation capable of incorporating an element from the proud heritage of the Maison while also clearly affirming its place in today’s world. PICCOLA CATENE is tailor-made for a world dominated by the values of sophisticated luxury.

As much a watch as a piece of jewellery, PICCOLA CATENE finds its place in the BVLGARI BVLGARI line and glows by day as well as shining at night. It offers a tempting alternative that breaks free of traditional norms, while expressing a set of essential symbolic values: the chain combined with the double signature of the Maison engraved on the bezel are twin references to the roots of the Rome-based jeweller and to its quintessential creative history. This new model embraces the wrist with an elegant gold circle, set with diamonds in various ways according to the four versions available. It opens up whole new horizons in the field of feminine watchmaking creativity, while offering a playful, nonconformist style signature. PICCOLA CATENE, designed and crafted to ‘chain’ the wearer to time with exquisite refinement and paradoxical aesthetic freedom.

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