MDNA SKIN Facial Treatment

For the purity of MDNA SKIN, MDNA SKIN Facial Treatment is a basic menu used clay mask from Montecatini, Italy.  It is a fantastic sensation because of the clay which is rich in minerals helps release daily stress and realize recovery and purification of body. It is most suitable especially for those firstly experience for its revitalization, refresh, and increase suppleness as well as recommended for dry, sagged, dull, uneven skin.  Recreates Clay therapy of Montecatini, this is an exclusive beauty device for “Chrome Clay Mask” to maximize its ability to remove unnecessary substances and apply necessary ingredients to the skin. The process of having Magnetic Force remove the Clay Mask and a superior lifting effect which is actually visibly noticeable in some cases, make for a truly amazing beauty experience. The “Deep Derma Introduction System” helps the beauty ingredients left behind after the clay has been removed to penetrate into the skin more effectively and leaves the skin with a smooth firmness and skin. 

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