AIGLE AW2016 Collection

AIGLE AW2016 collection continues to demonstrate its sense of French humour in the new ad campaign and its very first brand film based on the new mantra “FRENCH BUT WILD” across French, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan…etc signifies the brand’s back-to-basic spirit in this season. This brand film begins with the protagonist playing a badminton game with 3 good friends in a garden, on a Sunday afternoon like any other. With each rallies, they follow the shuttlecock and find themselves in a series of increasingly spectacular landscapes, up to the wildest summits. This joyful and endless game leads audience to walk into the heart of the nature, allows them to appreciate the beauty of it, until a curious eagle joins and ends the game. The movie’s classic French Cancan background music further accentuates the brand’s “French Touch”: a mindset of wittiness, playing and mixing with codes, without ever being pretentious. Just like what the mantra “FRENCH BUT WILD” explains - combining elegance, with a touch of humour.

 AIGLE Collections are always designed to face severe climate and harsh conditions in the nature; which enables man to live in the wild without any limitations, aspiring to a life full of freedom, and hence live for a blooming life. As one of the classic brand in France, AIGLE has always stayed true to its unique protective “Know-how” technology, paying extra effort to live with the nature. Regardless of being in the backyard garden, through the sea, woods, or even at the summit, AIGLE provides you whatever protection you need and makes you so connected with the nature. Paying tribute to classics via the first brand film, AIGLE returns to the city and goes through their wardrobe in recreating a series of signature stylish and protective classics with their brand’s unique Know- how technique. In 2016 Autumn Winter collection, there is a series of functional jackets that are made by waterproof and breathable materials, they are perfect for different occasion, places with big temperature difference between day and night, unstable weather like strong wind and rain, yet creating different stylish looks.

The three characters in the film were wearing AIGLE’s signature products, tailoring with materials of the highest quality ensures every outdoor adventurists are prepared for unpredictable weather conditions. Inspired by the iconic military fishtail jacket, RETROSTARE which was wore by the female protagonist, a fashionable variation for ladies, using waterproof and highly breathable MTD® fabric. The functional RETROSTARE jacket features a fishtail and slim silhouette, match it with the AIGLE rubber boots, creating a modern yet down-to-earth look which would never go wrong when you are travelling.

For the male characters, one was wearing the 3-in-1 MTD® TIMORAINY jacket, provided that extra warmth that could cater for adverse weather. On the other hand, the men’s GLENTON jacket coupled with high water repellent and breathable materials, includes a warm micro fleece lining to ensure protection from autumn’s inclement weather. The vest is soft and smooth but easy to manage, in creating an autumn winter edginess.

AIGLE has always been proud of its functional and fashionable jackets. This Winter, AIGLE brings back the “Après Ski” collection, modifying the popular GORE-TEX® down 3-in-1 series, providing you three different looks with only 1 parka and 1 down jacket. 

For the return of the “Après Ski” Collection, AIGLE’s designers breaking the stereotype of clumsy ski jackets, by using the lightweight but strong protection materials with a contemporary edge to new colour-rich collection, e.g.: Snow, Artic, Tanger and Anemone. Also, the “Après Ski” collection fastened the leather badge which inspired by the outdoor snowberg with the French element. The badge contains AIGLE’s signature rubber, reflecting upon the designer’s eye to details.

For this season, putting a spotlight on SABREWING from Men’s and GLACY GORE-TEX® 3-in-1 jacket from Women’s are both perfect jackets for travel. Equipped with GORE-TEX® technology and a detachable lining with 90% top grade goose down, outdoor enthusiasts are guaranteed an ultimate degree of warmth. 

Both styles feature with the detachable Synthetic fur-brimmed hood, leave the head feeling just as warm as the body while adding a noble feel to it. Beside the GORE-TEX® down jacket collection, it also provides the GORE®WINDSTOPPER® collection, GLACYFUR with windproof materials for women and LINNET down jacket for men, also used 90% top grade goose down to ensure protection from autumn’s inclement weather.

Match the “Après Ski” Collection with the TENERE WARM BT ski boots for men and the TENERE WB CVS W & TENERE WM CVS W ski boots for women inspired by the freedom of blueskies, to complete a stylish skiing look. Made of MTD® material, which is waterproof and boasts a breathable quality, stuffed with soft wool on the side to beat the cold. The sole with the deep pit, which helps to grip and more durable, making them the best pick of the adventures to snowbregs.

AW2016 raids the concept of military, populated by trophy looks fit for heroes from the season’s trend-inspired eras. The entire series adds a strong contrast to the fabric combination and high functionality of material, the use of innovative colors, bringing unexpected freshness for the winter.

BRIKSDAL down jacket is the highlight for the women’s collection, equipped with the functional materials of GORE®WINDSTOPPER®, lining with 90% top grade goose down to adapt to various climates in different weather conditions. Also, the slim cut and fishtail design giving it a simple yet sophisticated look. Besides BRIKSDAL, this season’s another highlight is BNINEJAKY down jacket, it is inspired by the multi-pockets military jackets.

Using GORE-TEX® materials, long and featured with inner cuff design increase the protection and windproof ability. The button design on the front with rope lace embellishment creates a simple yet elegant style. It also provides a short version down jacket BIRDOWN with an outer shell made by MTD®, adventurists are guaranteed to be well equipped to take on any weather condition. Small details, such as adjustable hood and jacket tail, to ensure protection from inclement weather. Not only can the parkas withstand even the most severe winter elements, their fashionable outlook definitely makes it stand out in this collection.

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