Stacey Bendet’s Fall 2016 Collection For Alice + Olivia

 Stacey Bendet’s Fall 2016 collection for alice + olivia is set in the cultural playground that was and is downtown New York City.  For Bendet, this collection is a modern ode to the late seventies downtown art scene; where rock and roll edge meets geek chic glamour. New York was bleak and dangerous, financially bankrupt but culturally rich as the art and music scenes boomed. The air was filled with perilous possibilities and a melting pot of cool culture.

 The collection is comprised of an eclectic sensual mix of pieces with a palette referencing the kaleidoscope of colors by the artist Frank Stella. Bendet has created a world of underground subway stations, artist studios, and rock and roll vinyl backdrops for this strong, sexy and vibrant collection.

Its foundation is built on the color juxtaposition of bright staples and dark compliments. Autumnal jewel tones include ruby, dark turquoise, mustard, cobalt blue, and copper contrasted by dusty pink, charcoal, and black. The intricate details of this collection feature the likes of beadwork birds, butterflies, and owls, alluding to the idea of this creative urban jungle.

Multi-colored knits and robust prints add exciting elements to this collection’s framework. Leopard and romantic florals are the focus, easily offset by the more playful graphics incorporated into this season.

There is a sense of personality and sophistication in Bendet’s thoughtfully embellished pieces.

Silhouettes range from strong suiting to soft feminine embellished midi- skirts, beautifully embroidered gowns, brocade shift-dresses, beaded bell bottoms and feminine bow-tie blouses creating a well-balanced collection. Sweet separates make layering look and feel effortless while adding an element of individuality.

The rich accessories show attention to detail, continuing the delicate beadwork seen in the Ready-to-Wear. Shoe styles range from cool suede boots, T-strap Mary Janes to sultry slides.

Suede color-blocked bowling bags make for a rich addition to the collection. Standing together these beautiful, bold looks perfectly complement the richly embellished novelty pieces, creating an experience that celebrates every women’s unique individuality and power to be a bright light in a gritty city.

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