PALMIERO Jewelry Design Inspirations For Imagination

PALMIERO represents one of the most wanted and demanded brands in the international high jewellery panorama. Shapes without time. Jewels and even more. It’s all about style exercises, excellence of ideas, evolution of shapes.

Established in the Seventies in Valenza, the Palmiero company spreads on a surface of almost 2000 square metres, incorporating right inside in the middle a spectacular 500-year-old olive tree, symbol of longevity and icon of the Mediterranean landscape. In his workshop-atelier of Valenza, a small but important city of Pie Monte, situated in the north of Italy and well known as the Italian capital of high jewellery, Carlo PALMIERO in synergy with his team conceives his creations, so imaginative and fascinating, genial and courageous.

Every creation is alchemy of thoughts, suggestions, reflections and recollections. The magic of nature and emotions, art, culture, places and people are all inspirations for his imagination. Gold and precious stones, canvas and colours to paint his own works of art. Each PALMIERO jewel is born this way. Visions that become matter, dreams that are suspended in time, colours imprisoned by the eyes, sounds stolen from the wind, perfumes taken from the air, forms from geometry and artistic ideas that are reborn with new forms.

Each single element and process is of fundamental importance for the success of each creation. Carlo Palmiero scrupulously follows all the phases, from the design, to the choice of the materials, the production, working with a selected team of goldsmith artists and highly professional artisans.

High technology and manual skill work together to give life to unique examples. The high technology makes this company one of the forefront realities concerning the manufacturing of the jewel, remaining at the same time a big workshop, where the manual ability achieves its highest level thanks to skilful and motivated goldsmiths and stone setters. Just a few items are produced for each model and for each one the combination of the stones is always varied slightly to guarantee that each one is unique and different.

Stones rare for their purity, quality and chromatic variety. Precious white, black, blue, green, yellow and purple diamonds. Sapphires with the most delicate and unusual shades of blue, pink and yellow. Intense topazes. Brilliant rubellites. Sparkling rubies. Gems that embrace the gold, caressing and shaping it, blending together to give light to the jewel and create unmistakable chromatic mixtures that speak the language of art. All diamonds chosen are VVS1 and G color.

Palmiero has raised the diamonds and the natural stones pavé to its maximum level, he conceives it with strong colours to get luxuriant “arlecchino” effects or fading, thus creating fabulous optical effects. Marvellous shapes that not only anticipate fashion, but also overpass it. These jewels are dedicated to those women with strong personalities, who are ready to get noticed.  Haute couture jewels that “speak” the language of sculpture through the vocabulary proper to the artists, who mould the precious materials to give them a soul.

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