SAMSONITE Lite Shock @ A Pit Stop At Dubai's Last Exit

Vintage Road signs, fuel pumps along with colourful auto memorabilia and repurposed car tyres with details of design that takes you back to the future. mylifestylenews travels with SAMSONITE Lite Shock to Dubai's newest Highway inspired by the 1950s American Food Trucks Station with a retro twist for a pit stop refuel in style.

By pushing the boundaries of design & innovation, Lite-Shock: the lightest Samsonite hardside collection to date, with the cabin size Spinner 55 weighing an extraordinary 1.7kg. This lightness is achieved by using a combination of Curv® material, which is exclusive to Samsonite in the luggage arena, and a selection of components which have been engineered for maximum strength and minimum weight. Throughout the brand’s history, Samsonite has paved the way for luggage design and the Lite-Shock collection is no exception.

Inspired by nature, the shock-absorbing shell design is based on the ripple effect that occurs when dropping a stone into water. This self-reinforced organic design is not only eye-catching, but gives extra strength to the case and its corners.

The ripple design ensures your valuables will travel safely but the luggage is not compromised by extra weight, as the shell made out of Curv® material remains thin and very lightweight.

Inspiring travel worldwide, Samsonite helps global travellers to cover miles and create memories with revolutionary travel solutions. Preserving the brands longstanding history of breakthroughs in research and development and has embedded its place at the forefront of the travel world with a number of industry firsts.

Perfect for the sophisticated explorer who demands quality and style, Lite-Shock is the latest example of Samsonite’s commitment to uniting cutting edge design and innovative ideas. The world’s leading travel brand continues to build its formidable reputation for strong and dependable luggage using clever ideas that unite innovation and new technology.

Showing commitment to innovation, the unique hard side collections made with the revolutionary Curv® material and the soft side ranges created with Advanced Hybrid Technology™ (AHT) join a wide spectrum of business, casual and personal accessory products in upholding Samsonite’s position as a market leader and trendsetter. With Lite-Shock, discerning travellers can appreciate how Samsonite has blended cutting edge science and a unique trend-setting style, inspired by nature, to create a strong, yet ultra-light new collection.

The collection is available in four sizes ranging from 55cm to 81cm. Lite-Shock comes in three stunning natural colours: Petrol Blue, Sand and Black.

Remembering past triumphs but always looking forward, Samsonite maintains a worldwide vision that continues to enable the traveller to travel further, with always lighter, stronger and innovative products at his side.

 As you would expect, the case is also fully featured with integrated ID tags, built-in TSA approved lock and four multi-directional spinner wheels.

Red Dot, the largest and most recognized design competition in the world, has awarded the collection with the Red Dot Award 2015Consisting of designers, design professors and specialist journalists, a jury assessed each product entry according to degree of innovation, quality and utility, among other considerations.

Samsonite continually invests in new ways to engage and connect with global travellers. When details are crucial, by identifying trends and interpreting the continuing evolution of world travellers’ needs, Samsonite plays a pivotal role in the multi-faceted lives of the global traveller, with no dead end.

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