VIVIENNE WESTWOOD AW2016/17 Men Collection

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD AW2016/17 Men Collection says it out loud : BE SPECIFIC.

Politician R Criminals/COP 21 is a lie - say one thing + mean another.

Business as usual will kill us. A green economy will save us.

Be Specific : Save Venice - Stop Cruise Ships - weareherevenice.org

Be Specific: Save our Rainforest - Cool Earth - coolearth.org

Be Specific: Save our Ocean - Stop $ubsidies to Industrial Fishing - seashepherd.org

Be Specific: You - Switch to Green Energy - www.ecotricity.co.uk

 I like to save OUR Rainforest
Save OUR Ocean.
Who do OUR! politittians think they are?
Who gives them the right to WRECK the EARTH?
-Vivinne Westood

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