45R Celebrates The Grand Opening Of Newest Harbour City Store

45R celebrates the grand opening of newest Harbour City Store recently with the President Mr. Takahashi Shinji, Chief Operating Officer Mr. Nakashima Masaki and Founder (Chief Designer) Ms. Inoue Yasumi to unveil the newest boutique.

The new shop demonstrates an elegant design concept that pays tribute to its roots in Japan by incorporating traditional elements embraced with a modern twist. As another exciting highlight of the opening, special edition products with over 20 styles including classic t-shirts, signature indigo items, embroidered and tie dye items for both men and women, are offered exclusively at this shop for a limited period of time.

To complement the essence of Japanese culture, Cypress wood and Oya stone are specially imported from Japan as the key interior materials to showcase the brand’s appreciation towards the beauty of Mother Nature. Horizontal beams and vertical pillars with the wood finishing widely seen in Japanese architecture are also introduced.

The store is expanded to 1,223 square feet, creating a more comfortable and sophisticated interior which provides warm ambience.

To exhibit the modernity of the brand, the logo R has been transformed into an eye-catching feature all by framing various shapes, textures and colors of wood. Custom-made by Japanese craftsmen to honor the brand’s signature dyeing technique, the letter “R” is being highlighted by indigo-dyed wood to infuse a tasteful artistic touch in the new store.

The newest Harbour City store has introduced a specific corner to showcase the latest men’s collections.

Indigo dye items feature a unique print, called “Mountain Dot”, which is a mix of the traditional kimono print and a dot print that forms a shape similar to the Japanese Kanji Character “Mountain”.

Made with loosely weaved Gauze material and in a relaxed, casual silhouette, the lightness of this series makes it perfect for layering and transitioning between seasons.

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