Z Zegna @ SS2015 Ad Campaign

Z ZEGNA showcases its SS2015 bold new energy and techno-urban attitude within a dynamic multimedia advertising campaign, entitled “Be Your Own Style 24:7”. Using video as the primary conduit, tailoring and sportswear are brought together to present the versatile Z ZEGNA collection designed to embrace the always-on lifestyle of the modern trendsetter. Amid the concepts of deformalization and sportification, the campaign features professional parkourists in three distinct videos, three locations in Milan and three moments in time. Three realities seen through the eyes of the Z ZEGNA man; a man who while impeccably stylish, expects nothing less than around-the-clock performance and functionality from his wardrobe.

6:00: Milan - It’s the start of another day and the Z ZEGNA man is already in his element, opting for high impact, high-performance outwear worn over an anti-crease, lightweight suit designed to stretch and move with the wearer. It’s a new breed of intelligent fashion; tailored but never constricting and elevated by technically-inspired details befitting of the urban adventurer.

13:00: Milan - In full stride the Z ZEGNA man lives his day to the fullest with vibrantly smart sneakers in Techmerino, that combine classic shapes with a true running shoe last and sole, Z ZEGNA footwear offers exceptional comfort and performance with the advanced flexibility to accommodate a man on the move.

19:00: Milan - Winding down from a long day in the city is just the beginning for the Z ZEGNA man. The day-to-night versatility of the Z ZEGNA wardrobe is further enhanced by an ample use of soft, Techmerino wool with its natural breathability, technical performance and cosmopolitan finish.

To demonstrate the fluidity of the softly tailored silhouettes, exclusive technical fabrics and high-performance sneakers, director Jacob Sutton captures the protagonists in full motion. Through the use of time-lapse recording techniques, the campaign captures the colors and textures of the clothing in symbiosis with the city as a final proof of Z ZEGNA’s new paradigm in style.

Photographer and Director
Jacob Sutton

Creative agency
Outthere New York/Milan (art director: Andrew Wren)

Jay Massacret

Location: Milan

Parkourists Casting
Devon Spence, Jason Li, Rashid Phoenix

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