AGATHA @ SS2015 Collection

AGATHA SS2015 Collectiom is the return of fine weather, hints of the East and tropical daydreams draw you into AGATHA’s sumptuous and joyful world. AGATHA celebrates brides with this delicate and romantically inspired collection. Mother of pearl, bright and smooth Miyuki pearls, pink gold and floral motifs take centre stage in this delightful and ultra-feminine line. This jewellery has a somewhat vintage and retro look, such as the keys (a symbol of true love) in pendant form to be worn close to the heart and a range of multi-rows chains necklaces and bracelets interlay with metallic leather and studs, offering a sense of contemporary elegance for the brides.

AGATHA’s design studio drew inspiration for this collection from Eastern fragrances and spices. Openwork cuff bracelets are central pieces in this new line, which renews popular themes of latticework and lucky charms full of symbolism, such as the hand of Fatima or the Eye, in a range of earrings and pendants. The collection’s two distinctive colours, emerald green and ultramarine, are combined respectively with the warmth of golden metal and the purity of silver.

Moroccan charm is showcased again in this line. It features latticework-inspired pendants and key rings, but this time with a 3D twist, and Eastern colours such as the many shades of blues inspired by the depth of Tuareg blue and kilim dyes, not to mention the orange red hues which bring to mind spices and traditional earthenware. The range also includes a variety of Eastern style earrings for a very feminine summer.

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