fFLAT5 Chapter Two On-Ear Collection

fFLAT5 has partnered with Furukawa Electric, a celebrated name in premium audio industry, co-invented the revolutionary speaker driver technology MCPET (Microcellular Formed Polyethylene Terephthalate) for its entire line of fFLAT5 headphone collections. MCPET contains ultra-small microcell with a size below 5 microns and has gone through customized technical processing to realize perfect and lasting sound performance. MCPET excels competitive speaker diaphragm materials with extraordinary density and vibration elasticity to achieve original sound reproduction. Being heat-proof and humidity-proof, MCPET further prevents signal lost or sound distortion in various environments. With this revolutionary patent technology, the fFLAT5 headphone collections are designed to deliver perfect and lasting sound performance. In addition, fFLAT5 applies Furukawa OFC (oxygen free copper) premium-grade cable to wind up speaker driver coil for securing perfect diaphragm movement in order to provide better acoustic detail for the most strikingly realistic sound reproduction.

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