BALENCIAGE SS2015 Ad Campaign

BALENCIAGA SS2015 ad campaign depicts softly glowing interior bathed in pale, pastel light, enhancing the romantic tones of the collection. The austere setting showcases the opulent, delicate embroideries of the collection and conveys a sense of tranquility - a new light for Balenciaga Spring 2015.

Playful yet restrained; mysterious yet inviting, Sasha Pivovarova depicts the multiple facets of the SS2015 collection and coneys the complex inner life of Balenciaga woman.

"I was after a new light, a breath of fresh air, a stillness that was a reaction to the opulence of the collection itself. We chose Sasha for the campaign because there's something restrianed and regal about her, yet she brings a subtle, sultry quality to the image. " Says Alexander Wang.

Steven Klein

Panos Yiapanis

Shasha Pivovarova (IMG)

Odile Gilbert

Stephane Marais

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