The Majestic Spa @ A British Malaya Concept Spa In Kuala Lumpur

One does not always want to be indulging in food, but what about food for the skin? The Majestic Spa is a welcome respite from the craziness of Kuala Lumpur traffic congestion. mylifestylenews goes for a 2.5 hours of Malaya Golden Chersonese experience to take our mind, body and soul to celebrates the epic journey of Isabella Lucy Bird in British Malaya and her bold passion for adventure.

The Majestic Spa is distinctively appointed in the art nouveau of Charles Rennie Macintosh’s famous Willow tearooms of Scotland. A totally separate building from The Majestic Hotel offers seven treatment rooms, a relaxation area, and its very own swimming pool with ample lounge space to just sit around and soak up the atmosphere. True to the spirit of colonial times, the Golden Chersonese is the ancient name of the Malay Peninsula where one of the most influential female explorers and writes named Isabella Lucy Bird spent most of her childhood very sickly and grew to dread the conformity of domestic life in England.

Upon the suggestion of her doctor and with 100 pounds in her pocket, Isabella commenced a journey that in a lifetime saw her circumvent the globe three times over. Her time spent in British Malaya ignites the imagination of an exotic and exquisite land. Brilliantly plumed birds, delectable fruits and heavenly fragrant flowers were the subject of details study, as she marveled over the richness and plenitude of natural beauty found in Malaysia. Hence, it reflects upon a golden era in Malaysian history.

Having a quick glance through the British Malaya influence spa menu, how does a Banana Honey Hair Masque followed by a Coconut Body Scrub and then a Herbal Steam or Lime Blossom Bath and lastly a East Indian Spice Body Massage sound? We were quickly addressed by two very happy and informative professional therapists that took us on a food for the skin journey.

The scalp treatment smelt so good that you thought it could be a banana smoothie to drink, but we let them massage the ‘food’ into the scalp and then wrap the head in a towel to allow the it to nourish a part of the body one does not normally think too much about! While this was feeding the scalp, the next step was a full body scrub that sloughed off dead skin cells and nourished the skin.

To have the most effect, the mixture of the ingredients was keenly felt, as the scrub was in a sense “gritty”, which means one should expect to feel a certain rawness in the scrubbing to get into the skin. Once the scrub is complete, they cover your whole body with a towel and leave you for 20 minutes to take full effect. Then, a cold shower to rinse off all the food and move to the next treatment . We opted for one of us to do the Herbal Steam and the other to take a soak in a Lime Blossom Bath, both of which opens the pores and soften the skin and take you state of relaxation to another level. Lastly, a full body massage with East Indian spice, which was well done and to the pressure requested. The therapists were most informative throughout and constantly checking is everything was to our liking (ambience, temperature, pressure, position, etc.). A very pleasant time was spent nourishing and soothing our skin and body and reaching that state of bliss in each treatment.

While the décor was not exactly what we would expect – some mixed messages with the Balinese music and art nouveau style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s famous Willow Tearooms, The Majestic Spa offers something different. Although longing for the comforts of their home – “Strangers in a stranger land” adapted to all things new and exotic, finding the experience both fascinating and daunting, the treatments did meet our high expectations.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Service: 3/5

The Natural Food For Skin
Outdoor Spa Swimming Pool


5 Jalan sultan Hishamuddin
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel: +6 03 2785 8070

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