Blumarine Resort 2015 Collection

Blumarine Resort 2015 Collection is where impalpable atmospheres defined with liquid precision. A quest for tactile lightness characterizes.The grace and bon ton spirit which are integral to the DNA of the house are seen from a graphic yet vibrant, always sophisticatedly feminine, angle. An idea of movement pervades the lines and materials as well as the melting color palette.

The silhouette is at once sharp and airy: little dresses caress the body, marking the waist and stopping at the knee, or flow in a long line. Mannish tailoring is interpreted in a delicate way: tuxedo jackets are cut close to the body, trench coats and pants sport fluctuating volumes. Small tops, shorts, flowing jumpsuits seal the quest for pictorial simplicity. The accuracy of the design brings attention to the surfaces: always textural, irregular, alive, they are characterized by monochrome tartans and flowers drawn by way of intarsia or fil coupé, or printed watercolor blotches. Touch and sight are seduced at once. Flowers alternate with transparent lines, liquid draping with sculptural movements, matte with shiny in an idea of balance in contrasts that enhances the female figure.

Fabrics are fluid yet consistent: silk mikado, cady, silk tulle, fil coupé. The watery color palette includes shades of light grey, white, yellow accented with touches of red and pink. Accessories in mirror-effect fabric - sharp pumps, belts, clutches and small duffels - add a strong design element. The alternation of hard and soft is solved with the assertive delicacy which is the Blumarine signature.

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