Génie 03 by Breva: A Speedometer

With the haste that even a speedometer might not be able to calculate – under five years – Breva Geneva has demonstrated peerless lateral thinking. The watch world is filled with complications that are interpreted and re-interpreted by countless brands. Chronograph, moon phase, GMT, world timer, minute repeater, perpetual calendar all exist in the thousands of variants. But not for Breva.

Génie 01 was the world’s first wristwatch with time, altimeter, barometer for forecasting the weather and power reserve indications provided by a fully mechanical movement, much of which is on display through the open dial and display back. Génie 02 combined the stunning sophistication of a beautifully crafted mechanical timepiece with the practicality of a fully functional, high-performance altimeter, offered in two versions. Enter Génie 03, the world’s first-ever wristwatch with a functional speedometer. Prior to the appearance of this remarkable timepiece, watches could only calculate speed by using an engraved scale marked in miles or kilometers per hour, using the sweep second hand or chronograph functions to calculate the speed against a measured mile or kilometer. While this would satisfy certain requirements, it was not a “real-time” indication with constant refreshing.

Génie 03 is fitted with a patented “instant speed” scientific measurement mechanism, with a proprietary extrusion mechanism that creates a unique look. When extended to indicate the speed, it stands 6mm proud of the watch itself. Within the Titanium G5 extrusion mechanism, comprised of 45 components, are hemispherical special alloy Robinson cups, in the manner of an anemometer. The classic device for measuring wind speed, it has been adapted in Génie 03 to display speeds of 20 to 200 km/hour or 10 to 125 mph. When worn on the wrist of a cyclist, motorcyclist, speedboat operator or automobilist, with wrist exposed to the moving air, Génie 03 will indicate the speed with a red hand, against printed inner speed indexes and an engraved lacquered field for the external speed scale on the speedometer’ bezel. Its readings are instantaneous and require no calculating on the part of the user, nor does the watch need the user to locate a measured mile or kilometer. Génie 03 is water resistant to 30 meters at all times, with speedometer open or closed, and dust resistant even with the speedometer active. Naturally, Génie 03 performs the regular watch function of telling the time, with hours, minutes and seconds, as well as indication of power reserve. Winding is automatic, the power reserve a healthy 60 hours.

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