Blind Detective 盲探

<Blind Detective> is a screwball black comedy with cheap jack plots despite acclaimed film director Johnny To's usual suspect team trying to make it work with their intelligent and deliver their most intricate plots in their previous successful films. This time around <Blind Detective> failed us again with his numerous brave attempts in trying to deliver his once again usual thriller suspect plus black humour by doing it the wrong way such such combination. If To likes to challenge his audiences' intelligence (with a few failures before) by trying to throw in too many diverse plots at the same time with drama, action, thriller and rom-com into complication, it doesn't really work. With extreme exaggeration of acts from his and his audience all time favorite duos Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng for their re-union in their past movies together 9 years ago, although anticipation  is killing but this getting back together only gives more rooms for the audience to yawn and snooze away with such not so well execution. There is no doubt that Lau and Cheng's chemistry had reached a certain level especially Cheng's comical act did sparks the film with compassion. Lau's still can't get ride of his macho muscular image despite playing a blind detective with unwelcome act in disguise. The story also has too much repetition and showed the indolence of the screen writer. It was a total confuse mash-up.

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