Galileo Midsummer Equation @ 破案天才伽利略 : 真夏方程式

Masaharu Fukuyama reprises his role from 2008's <Suspect X> playing the physicist-cum-detective Manabu Yukawa who arrived in a beautiful Japanese oceanside town to speak on a panel until a man found dead on the rock below a concrete embankment and begins his detective's philosophy of investigation to solve the mystery with am environmental twist. In comparison to <Suspect X>, <Galileo Midsummer Equation> is less thrilling but opens and hints the plot to the audience in the middle of the movie. Yet, suspect the unsuspected, that is the high for the Galileo's style of manner to lead the audience to the end to find out the suspect with a unconventional twist. This is what make the Galileo's own genre interesting with originality of well written scripts from the best selling fiction. The good thing is the secret will always be revealed at the end of the film in a reasonable good cause instead of leaving the audience to breathe the free air by themselves. It is always fun and challenging to be able to watch a well written thrilling suspense and go along with the movie and be part of it whilst the plots interestingly develop especially Fukuyama leads his fans into an well resolved mystery with science at the end. 

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