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Art is fun, there is not always with a precise definition as it can always come out with your very own interpretation. For a further thought, some are even with self own reflection and some live in the imaginary. For Franco-American artist Alexander Charriol, he lives only with his memories but always forward with his thought. Charriol's recent solo exhibition entitled <Human Flow> have put his complex and ancient human response to interesting pictorial use and explodes the feeling of loneliness by embracing the power  of human connection through physical touch. Charriol de-briefed his art works to mylifestylenews with some voices from his inner self.
<Together At Once>

I am born in Honolulu, Hawaii to French parents and raised on three continents and have been  straddling the America-Europe-Asia axis since birth. That is where I picked up the multicultural in everywhere I go.

I started to paint during high school in London and that accomplishments lead to my first solo exhibition at the Sydney Muse in London in 1995.

I was then continued the formal art/painting at college at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and then the New School in New York City before pursuing an artistic career full time.

I can paint anywhere I am now having my studio in Bangkok and also in New York, it is where I paint when I am there. All my emotions are stored in my memory.

I started making art to make my life easier as it is what I understood. I knew right away I wanted to be a painter.

The Human bond inspires me, our need to interact, to touch, to smell, to dialogue and to become intimate fuels our evolution.

<My Social Circle>

In this <Human Flow> exhibition, I am using large-scale paintings and expensive canvas continues to be deeply engaged with the human condition. Using expansive canvases, pastel and mixed media works are dominated by somber and inquisitive figures, either clustered in crowds, or solitary with nuanced distance between each silhouette.

<Human Flow> is the culture and 
everyday interaction, the imaginary scenarios and figures can be in a crowded train, bustling down a city street or perhaps languid in a nightclub or a social parties. Somehow you have to create your "imaginary friends" and transform them into your work.

I focused on my mystery behind  the human touch. Each painting tells the story of an overpowering energy that feeds our desire to connect to each other.

There are lots of emotion involved with human interaction, anxiety, bliss, familiarity and anonymity brim in these situations. It is overwhelmingly universal in a visual poem that tackles the entangled nature of who we are. I guess it is the nature and the conflict among us as human in our daily life.

This series explodes the feeling of loneliness by embracing the power  of human connection through physical touch.

Our instinct  for survival and the inevitability of death speak beyond all languages, cultures, politics, religions, morals and values and unites us towards an Ultimate goal, which is LIFE.

<Lonely Party>

I have learned something in the past, as hard as you try to be an independent thinker and not conform by any rules, you are still never alone.

The power of connecting to a group or crowd of people that have the same beliefs as you do will give birth to a sense of purpose. 

In my painting I usually "ask" question in stead of "answering" them and leave the audience to look at things in a more diversify way

I like elegance, I like beautiful things and beautiful people and also surrounded by them. Hence, I do even think of painting someone Fat.

I don't know how to paint a human face with a proper feature and I just do it the way I like it to be and in a scenario and the anguish that I have been put through. Thus, the faces of my "human" can be a little soulless sometimes and therefore to answer your question, they didn't actually smile a lot.

Some of the faces can be repetitive and it is their inner battle, their demons or whatnot. I am the one who "created' them and I can also stop the madness to give the work a frisson and sometimes reckless depth.

<Stop The Madness>
<Love is blood>
<The Night Masks>
mylifestylenews @ Alexander Charriol

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