Z ZEGNA @ FW 2015 Collection

Z ZEGNA FW 2015 Collection is where technology meets tailoring. In the second season of its new identity, Z ZEGNA focuses on brand building. The iconic Z ZEGNA pentagon defines the brand identity. Reinforcing and boosting its core Tailoring meets Sportswear philosophy, Z ZEGNA brings its brand identity to the next level with an innovative energy rooted in juxtaposition and freedom of choice. An inspiration to liberty and spontaneity, the new season bonds tailoring and technological sportswear, creating a distinctive Z ZEGNA style and sophistication characterized by a “Be your own style” frame of mind.

Heritage is redefined by innovation. An international expression of style is reflected in a transglobal cocktail of fabrics and technologies, where heritage is revised and placed in complimentary contrast with innovation. Fine Italian wools, authentic Scottish and Irish tweeds coexist with laser cut technology. Deconstructed tailored coats gain a new vibe in textured tweeds layered with techno sweatshirts and knitwear.

An eclectic mix of tweeded greys and textured black and white are complimented with camel, winter ivory, olive and acid yellow. Monochromatic indigo tones merge with navy and vibrant blue.

Techmerino, the natural performance wool, comes of age in a complete, comprehensive wardrobe. Tailored Techmerino pieces merged with high-tech Techmerino leisurewear play to Z ZEGNA’s sophisticated 24/7 work into weekend philosophy. The new Techmerino Light Sneaker defines the total look with ultra-light, technical sophistication.

True to the brand’s quest to innovate, Z ZEGNA unveils the Icon Warmer jacket, elevating the concept of transeasonal performance to new heights. Developed to provide customized thermic protection from early fall to the bitter-cold winter in a single outerwear garment, the Icon Warmer jacket features an advanced integrated heat-generating panel, powered by a wireless charging system. The heating support, which lasts up to 13 hours, can be activated according to personal needs.

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