SWATCH Loves Art @ The SWATCH MAXI Art Jamming Workshop

SWATCH Loves Art and held a SWATCH MAXI art jamming workshop recently for a preview of the the art voyage and takes pride and honor in launching this amazing project which will bring 19 participants, including local and international artists together for one shared intention.

The exclusive list of artists includes American illustrator Darcel Disappoints , a popular name that has collaborated with numerous international brands as well as with Harbour City; recognized American 3D graphic design artist Jeremy Ville ; Sticky Monster, the multimedia art team from Korea; Juliana Ong from Singapore and Rokkaku Ayako from Japan, who were both artist-in-residence at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai.

Meanwhile, the list of local icons spans from the fashion to the arts industry, including celebrity Pakho Chau; Chrissie Chow; celebrated movie director Pang Ho-Cheung; Alice Mak, creator of the popular children’s cartoon “McMug”; illustrator Little Thunder; product designer and illustrator Dorophy Tang; Tony Motos, picture book writer and author of “The Universe's Greatest Inventor”; animator and toy designer DDED; traditional Chinese Lion Dance costume designer Keung Wai Chifashion designer SKETCHΔROUND and emerging pianist Phoebus Chan.

Swatch has been working with contemporary artists ever since it was founded more than 30 years ago. Together, artists and Swatch have created over 100 Swatch Art Specials, amazing contributions to the world’s largest art gallery on the wrist. Convinced that artists can change the world, today Swatch runs The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, where artists from around the world are provided accommodation and studio space to make their art in total freedom.

The brand is also the principal partner of La Biennale Arte 2015, the most prestigious exhibition of contemporary art. Swatch, the Swiss watchmaker is going to steal the limelight this October at Harbour City by having a 3-week art project, “Swatch Loves Art • Best Time Event” Exhibition as 100 iconic Swatch watches take the stage. All showpieces belong to the Swatch & Art Collection which were uniquely created in collaboration with famed artists from all over the world. Topping it off, 19 local and international artists will design their own Swatch MAXI under the theme of Best Time Ever”, interpreting each of the artists’ thoughts on “Time” and their “Best Time Ever”.

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