MONKI FW2015 Fashion Presentation

MONKI FW2015 Fashion Presentation inspired by the discoveries of traveling - the real version or in one’s imagination. From fanny packs to tweedy coats, the fashion brand presents a fully packed style itinerary this autumn. As always, the focus is on telling the story and making it personal using unexpected cuts and details as well as building on interesting materials to inspire the fashion brand’s fans and customers to do the same.

“More is more,” says Caroline Carlryd, head of Design. “that is our credo. This season, that has led us on a trip to both past and future as seen through the Monki eye. In our press collection, we visit the 90’s party scene and take a trip to old time British heritage fashion. We want to inspire our customers to take any inspiration and make it their own.”

The first part of the press collection is a loud, music-inspired visit to the 90’s party scene. Based around exciting material choices like shiny nylons, it combines the feel of a homebrewed party with elements of crafting and a strong focus on prints. Layered bulky, oversized garments worn with slim-fitting styles, top or bottom, form an expressive silhouette.

The second part is the Monki take on the uniform of heritage. Never one to do things half-way, the brand explores the possibilities of neutrals. Classics like the tweed look and herringbone patterns also get an extra twist through rebelliously out of place details, like sporty elastics sprucing up a classic tweed vest. The silhouette is a modern, spirited take on the classics; where for instance a pair of wide trousers with a high, retro waistline are worn with updated key pieces like the sleeveless blazer.

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