PERNELLE @ FW2015/16 Ad Campaign

PERNELLE FW2015/16 Ad Campaign inspired by Milan where the brand's Creative Director Romeo Gigli lives and features the scenery of both Milan's fashionable city centre and exuberant woods, echoing the brand's simplistic and glamorous theme for this season.

The models' posture and look, the exquisitely designed handbags and the overall composition together create a mesmerizing dramatic tension.

The ad campaign is created under three themes, with a total of eight looks. The first theme is all about the classic Italian elegance, shot at Milan's Piazza Affari, where Medieval sculptures and pillars portrait a fascinating junction between the modern and historical world.

The other theme takes viewers onto a 19th Century romantic journey with a noblewoman with elegant makeup and in nostalgic look in the world famous park of arts, Parco Sempinoe.

The last theme brings viewer back to the modern metropolitan in one of Milan's busiest roads Vua Vittor Pisani. A contemporary-dressed lady overlooks Milano Centrale with her sharp gaze, demonstrating the independent and goal-oriented characteristic of women in the modern world.

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