TSE Fall 2015 Collection

TSE Fall 2015 Collection Creative Director Tina Lutz focused on her German heritage and the resurgence of traditional German costumes known as Trachten. Lutz challenged herself to create modernized styles while still maintaining the traditional elements of Lederhosen and Dirndl. Pom-poms, corset lacing, piping details and chains are incorporated into the collection to create a unique blend of modern textures while integrating sentimental notions of family origin.

A mélange of rich greens, browns, and greys are combined in Black Forest inspired prints reminiscent of trees - a reminder of the small town of Liedenzell where Lutz’s grandparents once lived.

Quintessential German styling such as frilly blouses and bibbed dresses are transformed and reinvented through interesting stitching patterns, intricate open knits, and delicate fringe trimmings. Felted wool used for both pant and sweater styles give the illusion of a tweed fabric, and complex stripe layouts create a sense of colors feeding into one another.

This season, Lutz collaborated with three talented design students from Rhode Island School of Design, where she is an adjunct professor, who each created a unique piece for the collection.

The student designed pieces include an intricate pixilated plaid knit stitch; a hand knit sweater created with 56 small gold swatches that were later linked together with black strips of wool; and a draped pant and skirt made with double face cashmere that plays with proportion and gives a sense of weight.

Throughout the collection, Lutz brings a special touch that can only come from an inspiration that hits close to home. Fall 2015 is a contemporary take on the traditional, and continues TSE’s reputation for incredibly soft, touchable textiles and unique wearability.

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