Jean Louis David Hair Salon Opens In Central Hong Kong

JEAN LOUIS DAVID Paris opens its Asian flagship store on Queen’s Road Central in Hong Kong recently. The project was envisioned and nurtured by Lorena Severi, Jean Louis David's Asia Artistic Director and one of the company’s global star hair designers. As the largest upmarket hair salon group in Europe, with over 1,200 salons in 24 countries.

The focus is on overall quality and an exclusive hair and beauty service that leaves you looking and feeling great. The styles are fresh and innovative, and developed by Jean Louis David’s Academy in Paris, based on a careful study of the developments in the world’s glamour capital.

Jean Louis David Hong Kong’s flagship salon offers 27 hair and beauty treatment stations.

Three separate spaces, each offering a unique kind of service: Urban, International, and Private Suites. Each area offers its own complete quality service. Urban is for drop-in styling during a busy day; International offers a leisure hour or two of pampering; and the Private Suites are for those who want to relax in private for as long as they want, knowing that the complete focus is on your hair and beauty.

Lorena worked with Italian designer Nevio Capuzzo to create a level of interior style that is unmatched anywhere in Hong Kong. It is a display of elegance and clean functionality sometimes luxury, sometimes minimalist, and occasionally a stunning mix of both.

Each stylist in Hong Kong will be flown to Paris once a year for a minimum of two full-on training weeks at the Academy. They will learn the latest styles and fashion from the industry-leading stylist trainers, who live and breathe in the world’s fashion and glamour capital.

On your first visit, Lorena Severi will personally introduce our latest exclusive styles, directly from Paris, and Jean Louis David’s signature highlighting techniques, Balayage and Maches. These techniques are unique to Jean Louis David in Hong Kong and give you totally natural-looking hair colour.

Balayage is a an innovative method that they use to create "contrast", tone and reflection within the hair and hairstyle. This adds body and movement within the clients natural hair color and applied by a "shading technique' with freehand to the hair, creating a 3 dimensional movement and texture within the style.

This technique is very gentle on the hair and maintains hair condition and a very natural and elegant result. Balayage gives the possibility to personalize your hairstyle and color which in turn magnifies each client's individual personality and characteristic.

Lorena Severi and her team demonstrating the Balayage treatment on model.

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