JOYCE x Byronesque @ An Entirely Shoppable Exhibition

JOYCE launches FW2015 collection with a Hong Kong first: An entirely shoppable partners with Byronesque to tell a fashion story of classic and current. A limited-time hub for fashion pilgrims serves to showcase the beauty, craft and true value of designers’ work in the most authentic of ways: a first-hand representation of fashion history in the making. 

By naming the project Histoires, JOYCE partners with vintage collectives including fashion’s vintage authority Byronesque, to evoke the stories behind past and future heirlooms, encouraging greater appreciation and regard for each creation.

The Histoires exhibition pays homage to fashion’s greats both past and present, revealing the relevance across eras that a visionary design offers, by juxtaposing legendary vintage pieces with today’s FW2015 collection. 

With every item on display available for purchase, this is an opportunity for admirers to own a piece of fashion history, as well as recalibrate their wardrobes for the coming season. 

Revered contemporary vintage curators Byronesque, boasting a clientele ranging from top stylists, fashion influencers to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, has handpicked over 50 iconic pieces to feature in the exhibition.

Together, JOYCE and Byronesque show that progressive vision breaks heritage out of the past into the present. The FW2015 collection is seamlessly married with hard-to-find pieces from the likes of House of Chanel, Alaïa, Comme des Garçons, Maison Martin Margiela, and Issey Miyake. 

“The energy around these designers’ creative defiance remains visceral today and their originality is as contemporary as ever”, states Gill Linton, founder of Byronesque, of the Histoires selection. “We’ve been called the ‘enfant terribles’ of vintage fashion, which makes JOYCE the perfect like-minded partner for us to go offline with.” 

Histoires is a gallery experience, harking back to the days of the live défilés of legendary fashion houses - inspired by vintage haute couture customer ordering. With 30 styled ensembles and their full descriptions, the lookbook will act as a guide for customers as they walk through the exhibition, sharing the story behind each piece and allowing them to place an order if they so wish.

“We’ve selected pieces by these designers, amongst others, from our partners around the world: Maven 1331, Vintage Le Monde, Devorado, Decades, dotComme and pieces from the private collections of ‘90s supermodel Irina Pantaeva, ‘80s no wave recording artist Cristina Monet, artist Maruizio Vetrugno. We’ll be adding pieces from Irene Silvagni’s collection from her time running French Vogue and subsequently from over two decades as the creative director of Yohji Yamamoto.”

With this demonstration of thought-provoking fashion, JOYCE seeks to ignite the imaginations of long-standing supporters and curious newcomers alike.

Histoires looks to stir emotions, unrestricted by time and age, dignifying designer creations both past and present with the respect and admiration they deserve.

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