Salvatore Ferragamo Introduces Made To Order Ties

Salvatore Ferragamo introduces Ties MTO (Made To Order) adding  exclusive custom-made designs to the world of silk. This exclusive, customisable range inspired by one of its best-selling menswear accessories: the tie. The world of silk always an essential part of Ferragamo’s DNA now has a new dimension. Created to meet the needs of the brand’s exacting clientele and to suit individual physiques, it is a quintessential blend of design and craftsmanship rounded off with incredible attention to detail.

A selection of boutiques world-wide will be offering fully-customisable variations on the Salvatore Ferragamo tie: made to order, in a range of sizes, fabrics and colours with a myriad of different combinations. The FW2015 collection comes in a selection of 12 styles, including new 140 and 160 cm lengths as well as the standard 150 cm, a choice of widths (6, 7, 8 or 8.5 cm) and over 50 colour options. The underside of the ties can be further personalised with up to three initials (or two initials and two full-stops). The aim behind the project is to provide a comprehensive Made To Order range for men, making their wardrobes even more exclusive in every detail: from suits and belts to shoes and ties.

To celebrate the launch of TIES MTO, Ferragamo presents four short films directed by Jean-Claude Thibaut, featuring stories in which the ties are presented as icons of respect and self-esteem. The short films illustrate the concept that fashion should always reflect ones personality. Timeless Italian elegance as part of a more profound aesthetic education is a key theme of the films. The visual effect, achieved by the use of a static camera, represents the theme of interpersonal contrast the protagonists of each episode are shown in disagreement but manage to reach a friendly and diplomatic compromise.

Two men, two generations, two visions. Inspired by the Japanese poet Shunryu Suzuki "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few.” A casual conversation turns into a lesson of life. Cast- Beppe Modenese and Guglielmo Miani.

A middle-aged dandy accompanies a friend in his style journey, and proves to him how changing a tiny detail can change the entire perception people have of you. Cast - Sergio Colantuoni, Massimiliano d’Amato.

Three men remember a dear friend’s original way of wearing his tie. His unique style has created an alluring sense of eternity. The tie as his legacy gift, a kind of reward, a rite of transit, from man to man. Cast - Simone Marchetti, Piero Antinori and Michele Lupi.

Older people always have something to teach if you are eager to learn. A pleasant conversation can turn into a philosophical exchange on style standards which only remain if you update them. Cast - Gianluca Gori and Gastone Chelini.

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