ISABEL MARANT Opens New Flagship Store At On Lan Street Hong Kong

ISABEL MARANT opens new flagship at On Lan Street, Hong Kong recently. The boutique opens on two floor levels with distinct features bringing depth to the project concept.

Every ISABEL MARANT boutique is unique and feeds from local culture. The design of every store is driven by a will to move away from generic slickness of globalized branding.

Franklin Azzi Architecture studio and ISABEL MARANT collaborated on this project in order to create a singular space with a gallery-boutique experience. On the ground floor, dominance of materials such as travertine stone and metalwork have been associated to concrete raw material to create a singular space to reinterpret modernist codes from the second half of the 20th century. 

On the first floor, key areas articulate around white painted wooden volumes, which would call out the idea of container units used to transport art objects. The lighting in linear spot tracks in between the existing ceiling beams would add up to the gallery-boutique concept without overbearing the present ceiling. The existing concrete staircase connecting the two floors is retained with an added metal handrail with acute detailing.

The work on the existing interior envelope was kept at a minimal. The spaces would then be enhanced with sculptural and artistic objects, whether ceramic sculptured podiums, concrete podiums or jewelry frames, and would bring value to the displayed ISABEL MARANT wardrobe.

Those objects are worked and produced with a close collaboration with craftsmen who have an in depth know-how on the various materials and techniques used such as ceramic, travertine, concrete, metal and wood.

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