JOYCE x Giambattista Valli @ AW2015 The Atelier Project

JOYCE x Giambattista Valli @ AW2015 The Atelier Project after 45 years at the helm of fashion in Asia, JOYCE continues their ongoing support of designers and their craft, nurturing and championing fashion auteurs across the globe. JOYCE’s vision has shaped what has become a vanguard of fashion in its purest form – current yet classic, avant garde yet sustainable, luxurious yet accessible. With a proud history of successful collaborations with the world’s most talented creatives, JOYCE now utilises the universal language of fashion to share their stories, bringing closer customers and designers. Amidst today’s landscape of instant, disposable apparel, JOYCE stands by the principle of unhurried and thoughtful fashion. The brand considers its audience not as customers or shoppers, but as connoisseurs and admirers of wearable objets d’art. Respecting a designer’s painstaking process is key to cultivating appreciation for the true value of each purchase at JOYCE. 

With considerable time and attention devoted to each unique piece, JOYCE sees fit to share these stories by way of The Atelier Project. This new undertaking acts as a means to convey the story behind each garment, showcasing the creative process, time and energy invested in a designer’s collection.

To launch the AW2015 season, JOYCE partners with Giambattista Valli, fashion’s prince of romantic feminine elegance, and Wing Shya to debut The Atelier Project. Featuring Valli’s master artisans at work in his bustling atelier, the project is a dreamy snapshot of the dedicated efforts behind the AW2015 collection. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of his fashion house, Valli looks back on the evolution of a new generation of customers and their renewed sense of appreciation for haute couture. JOYCE fully advocates this understanding that each designer’s creation deserves to be treated as a collectible heirloom for the future.

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