ifc mall Presents @ "A Date with Studio Harcourt Paris" Exhibition

ifc mall presents “A Date with Studio Harcourt Paris” exhibition ~ Legendary French photographic heritage dating back to 1930s unveiled for the first time outside France with 22 international cultural megastars immortalised in iconic portraitures. Living up to its reputation as bestower of star status, Studio Harcourt Paris has created photographic portraits of many of the world’s leading cultural and entertainment figures for the last 80 years, such as Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, Brigitte Bardot, Sophie Marceau, Marion Cotillard, Karl Lagerfeld and Yue Minjun as well as Asian A-listers such as Michelle Yeoh, Fan Bingbing, Anthony Wong, and many others.
 ifc mall brought in Studio Harcourt Paris’ photographic expertise and make-up artistry to Hong Kong for the very first time. Patrons to the mall not only see a recreation of Studio Harcourt Paris’ famous premises near the Champs Elysées in the 8th arrondissement of Paris but can also immortalise their own precious moment in the Asia's first "Studio Harcourt CLASSIC DUO Photobooth", as well as the “Studio Harcourt French Makeup Workshop”.
Studio Harcourt Paris was born amid the golden era of black-and-white movies. Founded by legendary photographer Cosette Harcourt, Parisian news moguls the Lacroix Brothers, and Robert Ricci (the son of Nina Ricci), Studio Harcourt Paris wasted no time in becoming a pilgrimage for the rich and famous. Politicians, writers, painters, artists and movie stars flocked to Studio Harcourt Paris for its iconic portraiture.
“In France, you are not an actor if you have not been photographed by Studio Harcourt Paris.” Roland Barthes, wrote in Mythologies in 1957.
In the hands of Studio Harcourt Paris, black-and-white photography is a masterpiece of intricate details, of which light and shadow tell intimate stories. Studio Harcourt Paris remains adamant about using black-and-white movie lighting to capture its subjects on film. Studio Harcourt Paris' iconic images illuminate facial features in a unique way, and its vivid photographs enliven every subject, giving him or her an intriguing je ne sais quois (a pleasant quality that is hard to describe).
 Every photograph stamped with the prestigious Studio Harcourt Paris badge is a charming cinematic sculpture that conveys a powerful sense of eternity. Unrivalled craftsmanship and attention to detail have earned Studio Harcourt Paris an international reputation as the go-to portrait studio for the world’s leading artists, thinkers and affluent individuals.
The exclusive exhibition at ifc mall showcases 22 iconic yet timeless Studio Harcourt Portraits. There is also a short film that details Studio Harcourt Paris' rich history, as well as behind-the-scene footage of Fan Bingbing’s photoshoot at Studio Harcourt Paris. Exhibition end 13th October.

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