Once again, without high expectation, there will not be any disappointment. <ELYSIUM> is another most anticipated films in 2013 that was made to achieve higher level of heady sci-fi thrills but with a bit of a comedown. This science fiction action-thriller film written, co-produced and directed by South African born Neil Blomkamp just delivered enough to satisfy his fans who favors his previous big hit, District 9. The story was rather formulaic with lesser suspense but credit must be given to the special effect set production design who created Elysium in the year of 2154 for the wealthy one who could afford to live in a pristine planet that is no sickness, no crime and no poverty. Indeed, it is better up there. The rest was to lived in a overpopulated, ruined slum earth. Despite the weak plots, the film is still a must see for people who love this kind of genre and it is nowhere near the knockout. It just doesn't has the witty handsome look but only with lumbering effect whether is it a the current world (according to Blomkamp) or the future.

Rating : 3.5/5

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