It has been a while we have not watched a real feel good space movie until <GRAVITY> comes along with least promotional noise before it hits to the giant screen. <GRAVITY> is the father and son team written and directed by Alfonso Cuaron & Jonas Cuaron. The silence in the movie was heart-pounding which pulls you into the infinite unforgiving realm of deep space. You were fighting with yourself for a survival after a disaster strike in space. The design set production is flawless especially plenty of wide shots were use to highlight the infinite of the space galaxy and the opening scene with a one off shots was rather breathtaking. There were mainly two lead casts in this film played by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney and as the matter of fact it was mainly Bullock solo performance with the air (with the giant blue screen) with Clooney optimistic voice to break the silence and intense emotion of the film. <GRAVITY> is not doubt the best space film ever since Stanley Kubrick's <Space Odyssey 2001>. There are plenty of talented people behind this film in order to make the floating, tumbling, hurtling and clinging to each other for life without the gravity. By making this, this is the one and one movie by far is really worth watching in 3D and it has to be in IMAX to experience the "Space" while you could still eating popcorn on your leather seat.
<GRAVITY> was shot beautifully and yet horrifying. The human's truth of love and loss, perseverance and redemption was highlighted in detail. The 91 minutes of weightlessness space travel and to the claustrophobic thrilling emotion enough for everyone who would want to go home back to earth to breath the air at once after being in space when the movie started. Cuaron's plan was to make every feels like lost in space with unique experience that leave you beyond satisfied. "Don't let go", this is certainly a must-see (twice or more) film of the year while the 3D in IMAX is still on.

Rating : 5/5

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