EQ:IQ @ FW2013 Collection

EQ:IQ FW2013 collection is a balance that is core to every woman’s multi-layered personality, whether it is on the creative or more rational side. EQ:IQ stands for confident women, not shy about expressing their creativity and the brand offers a sensuous yet sleek style that blends clean structured forms with soft feminine lines. Contemporary and classic, trendy and timeless, chic and sexy, with an edge. The brand covers every needs and desires of the modern fashion lovers looking for high quality fashion and accessories at suitable price.
The FW2013 collection was imagined around five different themes for the clothing, shoes and handbags. Famed for his mastery of space and light, <LUIS BARRAGAN> (1902-1988) was one of the most influential 20th century architects who imposed a unique vision of modernism by imbuing with the colorful vibrancy of his native Mexico. This inspired EQ:IQ’s fashion and accessories to explore large volumes and architectural lines with vibrant vivid colors for a fresh, sharp and youthful amplified feminine look.
The famous American astronaut NEIL ARMSTRONG (1930-2012) was the first man to walk on the moon, inspiring EQ:IQ with the idea of comfort, warmth and protection. <Landing On The Moon> is Clear lines, rounded shapes and futuristic cuts in high-tech fabrics reflect the dark side of the moon in cool lunar shades, such as electric blue and ultraviolet, as well as crisp white.
Written by SAINT-ÉXUPÉRY (1900-1944) in the form of a tale on friendship, love and loss, <Le Petit Prince> is one of the best selling books ever published, tells the story of a pilot who crushed in the desert and met a young prince fallen to earth. Le Petit Prince inspired the aviator and adventurer masculine look, with soft camel colored silhouettes spiced up with conversational prints and used leathers.
<French Hall> Inspired by a picture shot in Paris in the Fall of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin who embodied the French iconic couple from the 70s. Jane, the young British ingenue, the muse of the multi-talented singer and provocative figure, Gainsbourg. The “Rive Gauche” look, charming and stylish, in the warmth of a colorful fall. The casual chic of a masculine wardrobe, with loose comfortable cuts, celebrating the woman's body with a sexy attitude.
On the dark romantic side of The Phantom of the Opera and <Black Swan>, a whisp of mystery in a rich and deep range of dark and black charcoal shades, paired with exquisite embroidery, feathers and rich evening materials that celebrate the sensual depth of femininity, with class, elegance and attitude. 

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