About Time

British rom-com are much subtle then the American's and especially it was directed by New Zealand born Richard Curtis after his numerous success in his previous film like <Four Wedding & A Funeral>, <Notting Hill>, <Love Actually>, <Bridget Jones's Diary> and etc. Undoubtedly, Curtis's <About Time> is more than just a about time, it was also about love, about life, about people around us that need more attention plus this time involve a little more on time travel to access the past back to their own life. As this could be Curtis last directorial film as he decided to retired at 56 but yet he would still continue writing. This is because Curtis would like to pay more attention to enjoy his life in which it was the exact message he would like to deliver from this film. Mind you, <About Time> is not just only a sci fi rom-com but more in depth with the relationship with people who we love and around us. The father and son relationship was written so well and difficult for everyone to let go and that including us. It was simply sad yet that is the reality that we are must face and learn to accept. Curtis's way of life and death comprehension always has its ups and downs, the happiest moment in life by finding the right partner and also the most poignant when someone is departed. Curtis caught up in his own life while his parent died in recent years which had a profound effect on him. Casts are another essential consideration in Curtis's film, Bill Nighy, Rachel McAdams, Domhnall Gleeson, Lindsay Duncan, Lydia Wilson's chemistry reaction are effective. Especially with Nighy extraordinary performance in every scene he made, truly wonderful. Besides, the film was shot in some beautiful seaside estates and the rain-soaked wedding scene was quite a besotted one. <About Time> is funny and charming as all get out with the possible way to make life with much love and care. The movie soundtrack is another most lovable continuation to be loved to flash back some fond memories and laughter from the movie.

Rating : 4/5

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