Monki 2013 Winter Collection @ Flip Your Winter Style & find A Story All Your Own

 Monki 2013 Winter Collection is to flip your winter style and find a story all your own. It is darkly cozy, warm and protective with supernatural touches: the inspiration came from moonlit Icelandic landscapes, silky ravens’ wings, and epic quests through snowy forests. Design and Buying Manager Sofia Wallin says, “We started with a particular inspiration, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing hidden in this collection.The pieces are like a set of alphabet blocks ~ some light, some dark, some fuzzy, some hard, some traditional and some avant-garde and it’s up to you what you want to say, and what kind of story you tell with these clothes. Flip them and see what happens!”
 Flip Your Style is the catchphrase of the campaign surrounding the collection. It encourages everyone to invent something new and never-before-seen – upside down, sideways or under, any which way as long as it works for you. The imaginative print blouses, warm burnt-orange long cardigans, wine-coloured velvet dresses and chunky accessories are full of possibilities. The campaign will focus on showing you just a few how to dress up or down, how to find five outfits in every piece, and how to go from day to night and from workaday to party with minimum fuss and maximum impact, whatever your style. “Monki is all about encouraging every woman to find her own style confidence,” says Monki Brand and Marketing manager Eleonore Nygårds. “We want you to take our clothes and make them into outfits that are YOURS and nobody elses!”

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