GRAND MARNIER® 2013 Summer Cocktail

GRAND MARNIER® introduces its 2013 Summer Cocktails with fun and refreshing concoction by reknown bartenders Adam Devermann. In 1880, Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle created the now famous GRAND MARNIER® liqueur, a subtle blend of nobility from the finest cognacs and the unique flavour from the essences of tropical oranges. It quickly became a huge success at the most prestigious receptions across Europe and North America as well as the world’s most refined bars. Today, GRAND MARNIER® liqueur may be enjoyed in countless cocktails and long drinks, as well as neat or on ice, if one prefers to enjoy the purity of its incomparable smoothness.
GRAND MARNIER® continues to inspire new creations and trends. The world’s top professionals use GRAND MARNIER® for the refinement that the liqueur brings to their creations. The cognac base is a unique tool used by bartenders to enhance the flavour of their cocktails. Devermann showcased his talent skill by creating 3 cocktails : 
 <Parisian Sangree>, <Fred Collin's Fizz>  & < Pineapple Basil Smash>

<Parisian Sangree>
45ml (1 ½ oz) Grand Marnier
15ml (½ oz) Ruby Port
15ml (½ oz) Lemon Juice
Splash Tonic Water

Fill Glass with crushed ice, add all ingredients except port, stir to combine. Top with crushed ice, add large peel, and slowly pour port over ice to create a layered effect. Garnish with Lemon Peel & Nutmeg.

 <Pineapple Basil Smash>
60ml (2 oz) Grand Marnier
15ml (½ oz) Lemon Juice
1 Fresh Pineapple Wedge
Pinch Basil Leaves

Muddle pineapple and basil in shaker, add all other ingredients and ice. Shake, double strain over crushed ice. Garnish with Pineapple spears & Basil Leaf.

 <Fred Collin's Fizz> 
30ml (1 oz) Grand Marnier
30ml (1 oz) Bourbon
30ml (1 oz) Lemon Juice
Top w/ Sprite

Add all ingredients to shaker, top with with ice, shake and strain into chilled glass. Garnish with orange slice.
Devermann is a ten-year veteran of the Food & Beverage Industry and since 2008 has been applying his experience to develop and manage award-winning bars, alcohol brands, and bartenders. Devermann advises, trains, manages, writes articles, holds seminars, and develops tailored programs for global spirits brands, international restaurants & bars, and distributors throughout Asia Pacific and the only B.A.R accredited professional in Mainland China and 1 of 250 worldwide. Devermann has begun focusing on consulting for the bar and beverage industries full-time working as the Ambassador for American whiskey in China, the global chain T.G.I. FRiDAY’s, China, Asia Pacific cocktail consultant for Grand Marnier, and a host of other independent bars and restaurants in China. In 2009, Devermann won Shanghai bartender of the year and now also a regular columnist for DRiNK magazine and has been quoted in GQ China, CNNGo, Ambrosia (India), amongst numerous others. 

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