ARTĒ Echo Heart @ Valentine’s Day Gift Set

ARTĒ debuts its Echo Heart collection on Valentines Day with heart-shaped cut stones that echo romance and love. Married with the romantic grace of a rose gold base, the heart-shaped stone is simply eye dazzling and creates an incandescent aura amongst the ladies. The heart-shape stone is known to be the most sophisticated and arduous cut in the stone-cutting process. Special attention is seen on the symmetry, integrity, and ratio of each stone. After years of research, the heart-shaped stone is meticulously sculpted for a perfectly iridescent effect while exuding unparalleled yet voluminous love. Thanks to exceptional craftsmanship of the prongs, the glistening white stones shed pure white light, which evoke love so pure and genuine. The Echo Heart collection features a 3.5 carat heart-shaped pendant which can be matched with any earring. ARTĒ has also prepared a special jewellery box decorated in an amiable pink colour and embossed with silver floral patterns. This heartfelt gift will indisputably touch the heart of your loved one.

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