JOHN HARDY @ Spring 2013 Collection

John Hardy Spring 2013 collection exudes the refinement and craftsmanship of the signature Classic Chain. The artisans create each piece using the traditional Balinese rantai technique. One by one, each link is meticulously heated and handcrafted to form the supple drape the chains are known for among collectors. Radiant colors are infused through our clasps and closures using diamond pavé, black sapphires or a variety of precious stones in highly polished lava. The masculine and feminine are at play throughout the collections including in our iconic Naga chain with its ornate dragon’s head closure.
 Ornate beauty is achieved through the delicate handcrafted lace patterns evocative of North African architectural detail. Complementing our classic DOT motif which features hand-applied individual elements in both gold and sterling silver, this reinterpretation introduces a new exotic elegance with vibrant turquoise, Mother of Pearl and black onyx.

Hand-carved forms infused with opulent interior details create a sophisticated shape and mood in sterling silver and 18k gold. Originally inspired by the rattan pattern that is synonymous with French Art Deco style, the modern Bedeg Collection achieves an even higher degree of style with black sapphire, diamond pavé, black onyx and black agate.
 The handwork of the Classic Chain is a John Hardy exclusive, offering an unparalleled weight, quality and precision that are nothing short of breathtaking. This legacy piece is timeless in its braided chain detail and for spring features a new array of colorful stones in amethyst, tsavorite, and a range of blue, pink or black sapphires all set in sterling silver.
The iconic Naga collection is designed with a passion for the mythical dragon and its importance to Balinese culture. Naga for spring comes to life in 18k gold and sterling silver expressions of the signature ‘dragon scale chain’ pattern and is infused with diamond pavé and Mother of Pearl detail.

John Hardy introduces high polish, clean lines and bold shapes mixed with our traditional motif to create this contemporary twist on a classic. Smoky quartz, black chalcedony and black sapphire set in sterling silver ensure an elegance that is perfect for day or evening. Fluid shapes assume graceful curves with shimmering highlights. Kali for spring glistens like stones in flowing water with a polished sterling silver finish and surprising interior details. London Blue topaz, white and black sapphires create a sophisticated contrast for exceptional style.
 Bamboo holds great significance in Balinese culture from its importance in the natural environment to its presence in daily life. In designing the Bamboo collection, authenticity is essential and for spring. John Hardy embellished new pieces in sterling silver and 18k gold with exceptional stones from white sapphires, black onyx, and Brazilian Moon quartz to topaz, amethyst and Rose De France. With the purchase of each piece, you also support our Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo initiative to restore Bali’s natural bamboo forests.

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