This crossed-over compilation was released in conjunction with their first time ever on stage together at the Hong Kong Coliseum to commemorate their friendship over two decades of nostalgia pop culture from the 90's entertainment scene in Hong Kong. This compilation surely bring back lots of good memories for those who grew up together with the duo group's music in the late 80's and 90's, most of the tracks in this 3 cds' compilation are no stranger to their fans and enough to satisfy fans of both groups. Besides, the colorful album design are rather cheerful ad playful with comical figure faces of both Softhard & Grass-hopper. This is indeed a good compilation to have for fans who have been with the duo group from then to now. With such blissful messages delivered from the lyrics of most tracks, it is undeniable become a classic contemporary cds to play easily for another decade of two. A real value for money compilation with more than 40 tracks to keep you a good company in one good afternoon.

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