Monki @ SS2013 Presentation

 Monki SS2013 collection is inspired by the four ancient elements - air, water, earth and fire plus one brand new one: technology. The fifth element was inspired by the observation that people no longer think of nature and technology as opposites. Instead, technology is a natural part of our world just as the other four have always been.
 The collection consists of five trends, one for each element. Air is represented by a soft, cloudy colour palette - mint greens, petrol blue and creamy grey - and fabrics full of holes, such as lace, fine knits and broderie anglaise. The intensity of fire comes through in hot monochrome abstract and digital prints, while the water trend is all about shades of blue, and patterns inspired by reflections, dye baths and rain clouds. Earth, finally, takes its colours from the southern hemispheres and its patterns from world traditional crafts, creating a vibrant fusion that will culminate just as summer reaches its height.

 The pieces from the technology element are scattered throughout the season. In this trend, there are new materials - clear plastics, sequins, sheers, and unexpected textures - and a palette of colours that ranges from intense pinks, corals, limes and yellows to beige, grey and white.

As always, all the prints used in the collection are designed in Monki’s own illustration studio by print designers Ellen Berggren Oberg and Karolina Kling. Images of the collection will be featured in noted fashion magazine Stockholm S/S/A/W as a result of a creative collaboration between Monki, S/S/A/W and photographers Boe Marion.
 “I am so inspired by the way people live so naturally with computers and screens and chips and cables,” explains Head of Design Tallulah Topac. “Technology gives us so many new opportunities to be creative and to express ourselves in new ways and new materials, and I wanted the collection to reflect the excitement of that.”

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