The Hobbit @ An Unexpected Journey Movie Sound Track

The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey returns composer Howard Shore to the London Philharmonic Orchestras and the compositional world he established in <The Lord of the Rings>. Shore was a respected but generally little-known composer and best known for writing a series of dark, brooding scores for thrillers like <Seven> and <The Silence of the Lambs> before he became a three-time Oscar winner and international film music superstar with impressive album sales and sold-out concerts. Shore's sweeping score to <The Lord of the Rings> followed an operatic model by establishing an encyclopedic network leitmotifs with dozens of themes represented cultures, characters, objects and dramatic concepts in Middle-earth.
When comes to listening to a movie soundtracks' score, this problem always occur when the score that you hear on CD and the score you hear in the film are markedly different. Simply because there are scenes in the film which contain thematic statements thatwildly at odds with what's going on on-screen, while the significant portions of the music heard on the soundtrack album do no feature in the film at all. On top of that, you may not relate the score to the scenes that you have already forgotten, Somehow it is frustrating unless you are really a huge fan for the film and have watched it a zillion times to capture each scene to visual and bring back the same emotion. For sure, Shore have spent lots of time in <The Lord of the Rings> carefully crafting an elaborate musical tapestry of interlinking ideas that connect characters, locations and concepts. Predictably, <An Unexpected Journey> inhabits exactly the same sonic world as The Lord of the Rings trilogy. New and old, it doesn't really matter as long as it captures the sonic spirit with comfortable listening and the familiar score is what the "Rings' fan want after all. At least Shore did re-state the themes verbatim,re-orchestrating them and played around with different tempos and counterpoints. That's the compliment for this soundtracks, with Tolkien's deep love of nature and all things green resonates deeply with Shore inspired him to produce this one of his kind and Peter Jackson's kind of original scores movie soundtracks.

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